Gait Analysis

What is gait analysis?


Slow motion video gait analysis is the ‘gold standard’ in the bio-mechanical assessment of the feet, posture, and related symptoms. Video gait analysis is a method of evaluating and analyzing the biomechanics of the feet and legs as you walk or run on a treadmill. Slow motion video gait analysis allows for abnormal movements of the body’s muscles and joints to be easily detected and subsequently corrected, thus eliminating chronic aches and pains and allowing for a more “normal” functioning body. The differences between walking and running are easy to observe as well as seeing the differences between being barefoot vs. wearing various types of shoes and/or orthotics.


Over or Hyper pronation (a.k.a. flat feet) can cause symptoms right up the skeletal chain. These symptoms can include; foot, ankle, knee, iliotibial (or IT) band, hip, low back, upper back, neck or even TMJ pain.

Do you suffer from any of these ailments? Is your gait a contributing factor? Call our office to schedule your personal bio-mechanical assessment and slow motion video gait analysis.

What are typical procedures?


A typical appointment for video gait analysis is simple and easy to do:

  • There is no special preparation to do.
  • We will review your concerns, injury history and exercise regimen.
  • Bring your running or exercise shorts and shoes (bring both old and new shoes if you have them).
  • Static posture analysis photos will be taken of both the feet and whole body.
  • Women should bring a sports or jogging bra to wear during posture analysis.
  • You will undergo a full bio-mechanical exam, including static and dynamic photos and videos.
  • Areas of concern will be identified and pointed out to you.
  • Shoe gear analysis as well as recommendations will be given if indicated.
  • Orthotic recommendation will be given as needed.
  • Exercise limitations or restrictions will be discussed.
  • Rehabilitation options will be reviewed as indicated.
  • Following your appointment a comprehensive report will be generated and will be sent both to you and your family doctor and/or physiotherapist.

Questions and Answers.

How long is a gait analysis appointment?
Allow for 1 hour. This way there will be adequate time for any questions you might have.
Will I be able to see the results right away?
Yes! There will be both still photos and short video clips taken of you standing, walking and/or running. You will be able to review them with the doctor the same day.
What happens after the appointment?
A comprehensive follow-up and review of all findings is included in the gait analysis cost. Recommendations will also be made for additional follow-up and/or treatment options as necessary.
What is the cost?
The $350.00 fee includes both the gait analysis session and the follow-up 1-week later.
Is it covered by BC MSP?
No, but it should be covered by your extended health insurance plan. A detailed receipt will be given that you can submit for reimbursement.