Video and Telephone Visits

Flatten the curve with virtual visits

Our health care system is going to be overloaded during the Covid-19 crisis.

Our health care system is going to be overloaded during the Covid-19 crisis.

If you have a foot or ankle problem, please do not go to emergency rooms, urgent care centers or your primary care doctor's office. These facilities are over-loaded during this critical time.

Maintain as much social distancing as possible.

Dr. Green can provide you with the best treatment options during a video visit

We are now offering telehealth video visits with Dr. Green for both new and current patients.
We are now offering telehealth video visits for new and current patients.

To schedule a video consultation with Dr. Green, just call us at 604-560-5588 or email

How a video visit works:

  • Schedule a telehealth appointment with Dr. Green by calling us at 604-560-5588 or email
  • We will send you an email invitation with a link for a video visit via a secure video platform.
  • At the appointed time you will log-in using the link in the email you received.
  • You can use your phone, tablet or desktop computer.
  • You will have a face-to-face consult with Dr. Green... and sometimes face-to-foot as he may ask you to show him your foot!

What conditions can we discuss or review via video visits?

We can diagnose and provide a comprehensive treatment plan for most lower extremity musculoskeletal conditions including:

  • Plantar fasciitis,
  • Tendonitis,
  • Top of foot pain,
  • Ball of foot pain,
  • Big toe joint pain,
  • Heel pain,
  • Ankle sprains,
  • Other aches and pains of the feet and ankles,
  • Running and other sport injuries,
  • Fungal toenails,
  • Toe pain,
  • Review x-ray, ultrasound, MRI or CT scan results.

Other issues we can cover include:

  • Shoe recommendations.
  • Best prefabricated insoles for your particular foot or condition.
  • When to consider custom orthotics and, for those outside of the greater Vancouver area, how to find an expert practitioner near you (we'll even do the research to find you the best possible person).
  • Appropriate stretching and strengthening plans for specific conditions.
  • Return to work or activity plans.

If Dr. Green determines that you would benefit from a specific item such as a particular arch support or brace, for example, we will send you links to the exact item that will provide the best relief for your problem. You can then purchase the items online.

Video visits prior to in-office visits

If we feel that the problem is urgent or requires x-rays or hands-on treatment right away, then we will let you know.

If you are in the South Surrey, White Rock, Langley areas, we will see urgent conditions in our clinic. If you are located elsewhere, or don’t want to make the drive, we will make an appropriate referral or recommendation for you.

Regardless of your condition we may recommend a screening video visit prior to an in-office visit.

By doing this screening we can improve the efficiency of the visit and decrease both the time spent in clinic and the number of staff interactions necessary.

All of this helps to maximize social distancing and flatten the curve!

What conditions can we not treat via video visits?

We obviously cannot do hands-on treatment (for example; ingrown toenails), but regardless of your issue, we can provide you with the best available home treatment and guide you as to where you can get the treatment you need.

If we determine during your video visit that we do need to see you in the office, we will set that up ASAP for you, in a safe and timely manner. Even if you do need to be seen, having the telehealth visit first will make your in-office visit shorter and more efficient.

Who is eligible for video and telephone consults?

Anyone is eligible for telehealth with Dr. Green.

We recommend video visits if possible as we often will want you to show us your foot. Existing patients can also opt for a telephone consultation if the video visit is not convenient.

Does insurance cover video and telephone visits?

Telehealth is not an MSP benefit, but almost all insurances will reimburse telehealth visits just as they would cover in-person office visits. A detailed receipt will be emailed to you following your telehealth consultation, which would be suitable to be forwarded to your insurance company if requested.

Schedule your video visit with Dr. Green

To get started now and to schedule your video visit with Dr. Green, call us at 604-560-5588 or email

Dr. Green recommends new products for better home treatment



Biofreeze provides effective, natural pain relief that lets you get back in the action faster. Simply apply to the affected area. It can be used in conjunction with kinesiology tape and unlike many other analgesic gels, Biofreeze can be used with other gels. It has been proven effective when combined with ultrasound gels and massage oils.

• Fast and long-lasting pain relief,
• All natural,
• Easy application,
• Effective combination of Ilex, Arnica, Boswellia, Aloe, and Burdock Root,
• Can be used on any part of the body,
• Can be used with athletic tapes
• Dye and paraben free

FRS Cream

FRS Foot Spa Cream

FRS is a deep penetrating moisturizing foot cream, developed by Doctors of Podiatric Medicine. It is the ultimate treatment for dry, cracked skin, corns and calluses.

• With plant collagen,
• Non-comedogenic,
• Does not contain lanolin,
• Non-irritating,
• No artificial fragrances,
• Two-year shelf life,
• Seal of acceptance from the Canadian Podiatric Medical Association.

Dr. Segal's Compression Socks.

Dr. Segal's Compression Socks

Introducing a sock that does amazing things for your body and looks great too. Dr. Segal's Compression Socks improve your energy, reduce unnecessary pain and swelling, and decrease the risk of varicose veins and blood clots by increasing blood circulation. Also available are the newly launched Diabetic Socks, which are specially designed to meet the comfort and health requirements of diabetic patients.

Drs. Remedy Nail Polish.

Drs. Remedy Nail Polish

Formulated by doctors. Recommended by doctors. Sold by doctors. The polish is oxygen & moisture permeable. Vegan polish infused with organic tea tree oil, biotin, wheat protein garlic extract & lavender. Drs. Remedy polish does not contain additives like formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene and dibutyl phthalate. Call or email us to select your favourite shade based on your mood or needs.

Can't come in, but still need a product?

Just drop us an email and let us know and we will ship it directly to you. Shipping charges will vary based on size of order.