Helping you to get back on feet.

Experience and expertise.

Dr. Green approaches all foot-related problems with leading-edge capabilities, a high degree of skill and extensive podiatric experience. With a strong focus on long-term results that has earned the trust of thousands of patients and their doctors since 1995, you can feel confident putting your feet in his hands.

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Foot care and foot surgery.

From daily activities to running marathons, it all starts with putting your best foot forward. Dr. Green is qualified to handle all of your podiatric needs. Whether it's routine check-ups or treatment options including surgery, your foot health is our highest priority.

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Gait Analysis.

Slow motion video gait analysis is the ‘gold standard’ in the bio-mechanical assessment of the feet, posture, and related symptoms. Video gait analysis is a method of evaluating and analyzing the biomechanics of the feet and legs as you walk or run on a treadmill.

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HyProCure™ is a permanent, minimally invasive solution that corrects talotarsal dislocation at its root, realigning both the foot and the entire body. Discover how this unique medical breakthrough can stop and even reverse your symptoms, and how it can help you take back your quality of life.

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Visit our modern office.

Our office, with ample free parking, is located in sunny South Surrey, just 30 minutes south of Vancouver and 5 minutes north of the U.S. border. We utilize the most current technology and state-of-the-art equipment while maintaining an old-fashioned and personal, doctor-patient relationship.

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A patient says:

  • I wanted to thank Dr. Green for the Hyprocure operation.

    I wanted to thank Dr. Green for the Hyprocure operation. I'm extremely appreciative of this surgery! Although it's still sore a bit, my foot is healing very nicely. I'm so happy to get it done, I feel like it's really changing my life. I can't stop looking at my foot all the time — I find it so amazing. After all I've been through trying to help it, Hyprocure seems like a miracle (ha, ha I know its corny!). The scar is barely noticeable and when I show people the before and after pictures they think it's impossible. I have a nightmare about once a week about it going flat again and I always wake up and have to check! Now that I have my foot straight I could never go back to the way it used to be. I often wake up and forget I have it for a split second and then when I step down I'm so happy.M. G.

  • I was surprised how quick and easy the surgery was...

    I'm 15 years old and have suffered with flat feet all my life. I didn't really have arches and have always had to wear orthotics in my shoes. Recently I had Dr. Green perform HyProCure surgery to correct this, and now my feet have arches and I no longer need to use orthotics. I was surprised how quick and easy the surgery was and I was walking without crutches within three days. I am now looking forward to being able to do things that I found difficult to do before such as skiing and snow boarding.J. D.

  • Dr. Green... We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

    Dr. Green...I just wanted to let you know that you were right. my daughters feet have straightened out, the gaps between her toes are gone and her legs (knees) seem to be following. Even though she is only 4 years old, we are very pleased with the results and are so happy with our decision to have this (HyProCure) procedure done on her. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.A. and H. Hadani

  • Dr. Green's care exceeded my expectations!

    I just concluded my post-op care after having surgery on my right foot for a large bunion. It was the best surgical procedure I have had. Dr. Green's care exceeded my expectations! His pre-op and post-op care was delivered in a very professional manner. I am impressed with his surgical techniques regarding bunion corrections. I appreciated the fact that he was approachable and would have been available for consult if the need had arisen. I felt I received good value for my money. I will be having surgery on my left foot soon and am happy to recommend Dr. Green for podiatric surgery.S. B.