What’s the difference between a corn and a callus?


Now that you’re wearing those summer shoes or hanging out by the pool, you may notice some thick areas of skin on your feet, possibly even causing some pain. It could be a corn or a callus — but what’s the difference between the two?

Getting its name from its resemblance to a corn kernel, a corn is a small, circular, thickened area found in the skin of the foot. Corns are hard in the middle and usually form after repeated pressure on the skin, such as rubbing by a shoe.

When your foot rubs repeatedly against your shoe or sock it can cause the skin to produce a thick layer of protective skin called a callus. A callus can vary in size and does not have the hard center the corn has.

Don’t try to remove a corn or callus at home, as serious infection may occur. It is also important to avoid using medicated corn pads. Make an appointment if you are experiencing pain due to a corn or callus and we’ll recommend the best treatment for you.