Stay trim and comfortable in the New Year.


You’re raring to exercise, lose weight and stick to your New Year’s resolutions. When you hit the gym for a good workout, though, a sharp pain shoots through your heel, or your feet become tender, numb or painful.

How can you exercise when your feet are aching? We see many exercisers with foot pain after every round of New Year’s resolutions. Here are some tips for avoiding it.

If you feel a sharp, stabbing pain when you get out of bed or stand up, you likely have plantar fasciitis. That’s an inflammation of a band of tissue on the bottom of the feet. To prevent it, wear athletic shoes that support the arch and cushion the heel, or try orthotics. Your shoes should be designed for the sport.

If you feel pain in the ball of your foot or tingling in the third and fourth toes, you may have a neuroma, which is a pinched nerve. They’re generally caused by wearing shoes that are too tight. Get your feet measured and wear the proper size in both athletic and everyday footwear.

If the backs of your feet feel tender and painful, your burst of exercise may have strained the Achilles tendon. Be sure to warm up for your workout and start new exercise routines gradually. Sports trainers recommend increasing your exercise intensity by only 10 percent a week. If you do develop Achilles Tendonitis, use Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation (RICE).

If pain from any of these conditions continues for more than five days, contact our office for an appointment. We can evaluate your condition, take steps to avoid future complications and offer pain relief.