Smart shoe shopping for little feet.


If you’ve got school-age children, a trip to the shoe store is probably on your back-to-school to-do list. Shoe shopping is a good opportunity to check your children’s feet for common problems such as blisters, ingrown toenails and warts, as well as more serious ones, such as flat foot, heel pain or in-toeing can lead to pain, walking problems and difficulty running and playing sports.

Here are some tips for smart shoe shopping:

  • For most sports, cross trainers are fine. But if your child is very active in any single sport, buy a shoe designed for that sport. For example, a child who runs in cross-country or track should never compete in tennis or basketball shoes.
  • Young girls’ bodies need time to mature and develop the proper balance and muscle support to safely wear “adult” shoes. Daughters might make a beeline for the high heels and platforms, but don’t give in.
  • Flip-flops are inexpensive and fashionable. Unfortunately, most of them fail to provide heel cushioning and arch support that your children’s feet need. This can lead to pain and difficulty playing sports. If a sandal provides heel cushioning, arch support and fastens securely, it’s a better choice than the regular foam flip-flops.

Pay attention to your children’s foot complaints. Contact our office if you suspect your child has a possible foot or ankle problem.