Sandals to shoes: make sure it’s a comfortable switch.


It’s almost time to say good-bye to your sandals, slip-on shoes and bare feet of summer and hello to socks, shoes and boots. Our patients find that the change in shoes and season can bring unwanted foot problems. They include:

Ingrown toenails.
Ingrown toenails can result from wearing improperly-sized shoes. Trim your toenails as straight across as possible and wear shoes that are not tight around your toe area.
Toenail fungus.
Fungus thrives in dark, moist, warm environments such as your shoes. Wearing the same shoes every day can promote fungal growth. Disinfect your shoes and wear different pairs to try to avoid fungus.
Neuroma flare-ups.
Neuromas, or nerve pain, may be triggered by tight-fitting, enclosed shoes. Make sure your shoes provide enough room in the toe area to avoid tight-fitting areas and irritation.
Bunion, bone spur, hammertoe irritation.
Constant rubbing on your feet from shoes can irritate any existing hammertoes, bunions or bone spurs. Wear socks and properly fitting shoes. Sometimes having your shoe stretched in the areas of irritation can also provide some relief.

If you’re experiencing discomfort from your seasonal shoe switch, schedule an appointment with our office.