People with diabetes need to keep feet fit.


Fall brings changing leaves, cooler weather and the start of the holiday season. It also brings National Diabetes Awareness Month in November and a good time for a reminder about the importance of foot care to those who have this disease.

Diabetes can be dangerous to your feet — even a small cut could have serious consequences. To avoid serious foot problems, follow these prevention tips and schedule check-ups with our office on a regular basis.

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Inspect your feet daily.
Check for cuts, blisters, redness, swelling, or nail problems. Call our office to schedule an appointment if you notice anything.
Moisturize your feet.
Use a moisturizer daily to keep dry skin from itching or cracking. But DON’T moisturize between the toes — this could encourage a fungal infection.
Wear socks to bed.
If your feet get cold at night, wear socks. Never use a heating pad or hot water bottle.
Keep your feet warm and dry.
Don’t get your feet wet in snow or rain. Wear warm socks and shoes in the winter.
Shake out your shoes and boots.
Remember, you may not feel something in your shoe — so always look inside before putting them on.