Is foot pain ruining your golf swing?


As you head to your favorite golf course this spring, make sure your feet are in shape before approaching the tee box.

Foot pain may be the barrier to a perfect golf swing. As your body transfers weight from one foot to the other during your swing, the nerves in the ball of your foot may become compressed or irritated, causing pain.

When golfers follow through on their swing, the big toe joint on the back foot may bend too far, eventually wearing out the cartilage or
jamming the joint, leading to painful arthritis.

Heel pain is another common problem for golfers and can make it uncomfortable for them to keep a solid stance during crucial parts of the golf swing.

If these areas are causing discomfort, call our office to schedule an appointment. With the many treatment options available, a pain-free golf swing is clearly in view. Remember, when your feet aren’t in top condition, your golf swing won’t be either.