Do you or a family member have diabetes?


November is American Diabetes Month, and a good time to remind those with the disease about the importance of foot care. Diabetes can be dangerous to your feet — even a small cut can cause serious problems. It’s important to take time to care for your feet by following these simple daily care tips.

Inspect Your Feet Daily.
Check for blisters, redness, cuts, swelling or nail problems. If you have trouble seeing the bottom of your feet, use a hand mirror or ask a family member to inspect them for you. If you notice anything abnormal, call our office to have it checked out.
Wash Your Feet in Lukewarm Water.
Wash your feet daily with a soft washcloth or sponge in lukewarm water, not hot water. Be sure to dry by patting or blotting and carefully dry between your toes.
Moisturize Daily.
With the cooler temperatures of fall, it is even more important to moisturize your feet daily to prevent your skin from itching and cracking. Don’t use moisturizer between the toes, where it can lead to skin breakdown and infection.
Cut Nails Carefully.
Cut nails straight across and don’t cut them too short. Nails cut too short can lead to ingrown toe nails.
Never Treat Corns or Calluses on Your Own.
If you have corns, calluses or severely dry skin on your feet, make an appointment with our office and we can help.
Wear Clean, Dry Socks.
Change your socks daily. Avoid tight elastic bands and thick or bulky socks that can fit poorly and irritate the skin.
Schedule Regular Foot Exams.
Regular foot exams help to prevent foot complications of diabetes before they start.